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Who We Are

Before 1990, we are stated owned condensed matter physics research center. In 1990, center launched Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN), now it is a leading manufacturer of compound semiconductor material in China. PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, range from the first generation Germanium wafer, second generation Gallium Arsenide with substrate growth and epitaxy on …

Recent News

Magnetron-Sputtered AlN: A Deep Dive into Structure and Optics on Oriented Sapphire
PAM-XIAMEN can supply AlN on Sapphire wafers, more specifications you can find in: //www.tokenringbridge.com/aln-single-crystal-substrate-template-4.html At present, metal organic chemical vapor [...]
Demystifying SiC Wafers: C-Plane vs. Si-Plane Explained
SiC wafers are available for power electronics, scientific or industrial applications, specifications as: //www.tokenringbridge.com/sic-wafer/sic-wafer-substrate.html SiC is a binary compound formed [...]
How Epitaxial Pit Defects Affect SiC MOSFET Device Characteristics?
SiC epitaxial wafer is available for fabricating MOSFET devices, wafer specifications can be found in //www.tokenringbridge.com/sic-mosfet-structure.html 1.  Epitaxial Pits Epitaxial pits, [...]
Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) on Carbon(C) Surface of SiC Wafer
SiC wafer materials have broad bandgap, high electron saturation mobility, and excellent thermal properties, which have great application prospects [...]
Study on the Properties of Al Doped P-Type 4H-SiC by Liquid Phase Method
PAM-XIAMEN is available to offer P-type SiC substrates, please refer to: //www.tokenringbridge.com/p-type-silicon-carbide-substrate-and-igbt-devices.html. The p-type substrate prepared by liquid-phase method can be applied [...]
Effect of Dislocations on the Performance of 4H-SiC Wafers and Power Devices
PAM-XIAMEN can offered SiC wafers, specific specifications and parameters can be found in: //www.tokenringbridge.com/sic-wafer 4H-SiC single crystal has excellent characteristics such as [...]
Effects of Triangle Defects on the Characteristics of SiC MOSFET Devices
PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC epitaxial wafers for MOSFET devices, additional information please read: //www.tokenringbridge.com/sic-mosfet-structure.html. The epitaxial process of SiC [...]
AlN Thin Film for FBAR and SAW
AlN (aluminum nitride) is a covalent bond compound with a hexagonal wurtzite structure. Usually gray or grayish white in [...]
welcome ee88Liên kết đăng nhập
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